Personal Thoughts


Thank you for bearing with me today

I’ll come and disturb you more tomorrow

And for the night I’ll bid adeiu from you

In order to meet you again

In the virtual world of zeros and one.



© 20/10/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

First sight

I never knew tears would make me

Fall in Love, as I did

with the dark black clouds

Over the setting sun, but I did

As I walked through the streets

Listening to the cacophony of satirical talks and fake laughs

I could also hear the crows too

They sounded exactly like

They always do, rigid and rough melody

Which we’d always hear but never listen to,

To which we’re all tone deaf to

I could hear him from near but can’t see

I wondered that the tree might have

Hid him from me, to let me not enjoy

The miraculous joy of sighting him the crow.


I walked past from the busy old street

Stepped into someplace tranquil

For the beauty of silence I enjoyed,

For persisting to find joys in darkness

And in silence, is the only way to live.

A sobbing, broke the silence and that,

The trees never hid, neither the peeled bark

Nor fallen leaves could hide her feet

And I walked towards the angel

Who broke the silence in my heart.


Those tear washed cheeks

Dark black eyes, shielded by thick black lashes

Big red nose and hands which tried to

Hide her shame from me, but

Her sobbing had captured my ears already.

The tears that rolled down from her eyes

I wished never to see them there no more,

My heart started speaking in sighs and

I fell in love with what I’ve seen

Like never before and with nobody else.



© 19/10/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Cupid letters

Letters from a Cupid

Dear Friend,

I met sadness yesterday, we’ve been acquainted for so long that now I can actually call him my best friend now. Not that I liked being around him or that his presence makes me feel good but he always sticks around with me when no one else does and still, I don’t appreciate it but he does. Somebody introduced me with happiness last week and we hung out with each other for a week. I’ve seen him before too in streets and on some sunny days, even on some rainy and cold days too. But now we were hanging out with each other and it felt different.

But two days before he just left without even leaving a trace. And I found sadness sitting on my couch as usual, a pale face, droopy eyes, dead smile… I asked him what happened, he just looked at the waining moon and started weeping. I didn’t like his company not now not never, but he was all that I had and maybe I had love too but I’ve been trying to maintain my distance with love, bows, arrows and hearts ( you know about all that and I don’t have to get into the details). But it’s pretty hard to abstain from them and the added company of sadness…… And I haven’t found the De-addiction Center yet! I still want you to help me find one for me before I go crazy again. The only thing that I now enjoys much is writing to you.

So this was all that have been happening around me. What’s up with you my friend? How are you ? It’s been about a week since we’ve met and I already misses you. Hope you’re well and loved. And yes I am fine here too. . . I’m waiting for your reply.

Yours lovingly

Cupid 💘



©18/10/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility


I met a merman in the shores of the

Deep blue sea, under the cerulean sky

While I was playing the sand with my feet,

Running behind the wave while they were chasing me

He had eyes the color of sea and

His smile, no pearl ever whiter than those.

He talked about the underwater abyss

And about the corals who changed colors

At the sight of fair maidens.

He asked me to look inside his heart

And witness it’s color change and told me

He now knew how the corals felt,

When he saw me, innocently playing the sand.

He gifted me pearls from oysters heart

Baroque pearls were they not but perfectly round

He splattered water all over me

Talked to me all day about the aqueous myths and tales

He swam from shore to shore,

I walked all around, mesmerized

By his song of mine, he asked me to join him for a swim

I floated in with my legs hoping that

Each steps that I took was secretly into his heart

I remember holding his arms and

Slipping into his shoulders with droopy eyes,

And rubbing myself against his shiny soft skin.

I woke up in the middle of the water

Swimming in the unfathomable sea alone

Well he stole my legs, and I saw him

Walking on the shore as he waved me goodbye

I had grown a tail by then, I was left here

To swim from end to end of the sea alone.



© 17/10/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Personal Thoughts, Thought for Change

Be the Miracle

Hi guys,

Do you guys believe in miracles? If you don’t then you should, because we ourselves are miracles. You haven’t thought about it like that have you. Then start thinking about it like that. We are Miracles. Still don’t believe me, now think about this, have you ever helped someone in need, have you ever helped someone cross a street or shared a meal with someone who couldn’t afford it, helped someone who was in a crisis, said it’s okay to someone who was going through something bad and helped them get out of it, helped someone cheer up in bad times, gave someone hope of a good future in desperate times, gave someone your shoulders to cry on, listened to someone who needed someone to listen to them . . . . . .

If you did any of the above and there more too, if you helped somebody and anybody then you are a miracle, you were the miracle they we’re waiting to happen in their lives. And Just like that there was a lot of people who were a miracle in our lives too. Who helped us in desperate times and made our lives better and beautiful. So yeah we all are miracles, we just have to believe that we are one.

We are all God’s creations and God creates nothing less than a miracle,and we are God’s favorite creation, so then how can we not be a miracle. So yes you are a miracle, I am a miracle and we all are miracles. So let’s just believe in that and be a miracle today, do something miraculous today and change somebody’s life.

God loves you, he loves every one of his miracles, so be the Miracle and see the Miracle. God bless you 🤗

Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Evening Sea

The waves inside are uncountable

And the sea unfathomable

I can’t decipher the words,

The murmur of the waves,

They are silently boisterous

And meaninglessly meaningful.

The words scribbled in the sands

On the shore, slowly by my fingers

Wiped off by the waves

Whilst they covered me in a blanket of sand

Gifting me some corals and

A shell to listen to.

My eyes search the edges of the sea,

Waiting for the approval or is it arrival

The boats started floating

Towards the red hue

That made them look like a painting,

Red figures on blue sea,

Just then tiny numerous dots

We’re slowly visible on the sky

As if someone threw some sand

Up above and it froze there in space,

The waves calmed the water turned cold

And they now whispered in mellifluous voices

And I sat there on the shore

Watching the sea devour the sun.



© 15/10/18 The Rendezvous Club!


Between Moon and Me

The sky candle was put out,

The sky dressed in all shades of black,

And shades of grey here and there,

The Moon glows bright in the starless sky

I whispered in your ears that

I hate the depressions in the moon

Because they make the moon look dark at times.

Each of those depressions have one lost soul

Whining the loss of their long lost love

With a broken heart.

Then a gentle breeze carried us back to love

As I lay by your side, you holding my hands,

Gazing at the moon, forgetting the world

Just the moon and us,

You said you saw the stars in my eyes

But for me you are my Moon

And I wish to take away the depressions in your heart

When your soul meets mine.



© The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!