At least in my dreams

It’s been forty years now

since he came into My life,

now I’m sitting here

probably in my death bed

reminiscent of him

and he’s not here.


I still remember the day

when he was born.

I had never seen someone so tiny,

Oh! He was beautiful,

I could look into his dove eyes

and forget about all the pain

I endured while I birthed him.


I still remember the day

when he first called me Mamma.

A joy which I’ve never experienced


ran through my veins just then.

But…….. He doesn’t remember me


hence no visits.


He has a life of his own

a life that came out of me

a life which I was a part of

but not anymore and

I have no claim over it.



I wish!

But still unsure…

He may come for my funeral.

Or maybe he won’t

because maybe he won’t have

a clean black suit.

You can’t be in mourning without it.


And maybe because

he doesn’t have any tears to shed

or a heart to love.

But still I wish,

at least in my dreams

I’ll hear his voice once again

……………calling me Mamma.


© The Rendezvous Club


De-addiction centre please

Dear Friend,

I went to a de-addiction centre yesterday but they wouldn’t take me. They said that, they only admit people with real addiction. But I am addicted, I’m always high or tipsy and I want to be sober and get rid of this crazy self. But they say, well the doctors tested me and said that I’m not eligible to undergo treatment in a de-addiction centre. Alas but my symptoms are getting worse….

My hands are shaking, I’m always lost in thoughts, my wings don’t work properly, my hallucinations.. yes I do hallucinate and they’re increasing day by day. I don’t even know what’s real and what’s not. I’m even struggling to breathe without my drug. Im weak and too tired to even stand up dear .And it’s like my arrows are stricking me only. I’ve been stealing from work too because I can’t get enough of the drug. This is the third de-addiction centre who’ve rejected me saying that there’s nothing wrong with me and that I’m not an addict.

But I’m telling you and you please believe me. ‘I’m an Addict’. I’m always high on love. I’m addicted to Love dear. It’s really hard to do what I do and not be an addict. So will please be kind to me and find me a Love de-addiction centre please.

With Love ( not this again)

By yours sincerely

Cupid 💘

Get to know me challenge

Hi guys I was nominated for the Get to Know Me challenge by swathi. Please do check out her blog guys.


1. Do you judge the people before meeting?

I’m not proud of it but yeah sometimes I do.

2. What do you think when you see the beautiful sunset?

I love sunsets

I can’t think of anything while watching a sunset, it’s one of the most beautiful thing in the world so I just sit back and enjoy. I’m actually smiling just thinking about it. 😊

3. If your friend is crying, what would you do?

🤔 Hmm this is a tough one. I’ll probably try and make them calm but if it isn’t working I’ll either end up crying with that person or I’ll just leave there cause I don’t still know how to deal with such situations. I’m not very good at things like these. But to be frank I’ll actually be screaming at my friend, I’ll be yelling what wrong with you. It’s not that big a deal. Don’t cry😣. Angry face.

4. Is there any relationship between love and friendship?

Yes there sure is a relationship between love and friendship. Theres no friendship without love and there’s no love without friendship. But I still do think that friendship is beyond love. It’s something above love.

5. Let us assume one tall banana tree. There are four animals .They are- lion,squirrel,Giraffe,chimpanzee… According to you ,which will get the banana first?

I think it’s the squirrel because they live on trees and I’ve seen squirrels eating bananas.

6. You do not usually initiate conversation..

Agree or not?

I agree. I’m never initiate a conversation. It’s hard for me to break the ice.

7. What is the most difficult thing you’ve done for your love?

I don’t think that I’ve done nothing difficult for love.

8. Which is your biggest regret?

I do have regrets but I think the mistakes and the bad stuffs they’re all fine because that’s what made me who I am today and I like who I am today so I think you got my answer.

9. Who’s is your most favourite person in the world?

I love Jesus. He’s the love of my life. I love him, I love him, I love him just so much. Other than him I love my Mom Dad my sister my grandma everyone just equally.

10. What do you think about me?

I think you’re awesome.😘


* Thank the nominator.

* Answer the “Get to know me questions”

* Nominate 5 bloggers.

* pass on the same questions( add questions if you want)

Guys, you have to answer honestly….





Happy blogging guys.

Dark side of the Moon

My heart is in shackles

held a prisoner in

the dark side of the Moon.

Stored inside a box

and hidden inside

the sea of sulphide.

Wanting for a Shipman

to come and fish her out

But alas! No net works

In this sea

And she’s waiting

for a locksmith

to open the box and

take her home.

But Alas! The key to

the box is hidden

inside the heart……..

And there’s nothing to do.

So she has been waiting for decades,

Centuries and for ages to come.

Waiting alone in the

Dark side of the Moon.


Copyright © The Rendezvous Club

No More

The sun may rise

and it may set

The beauty in the skies

is blind to my eyes

The pitter patter

of the rain drops

The brimming of the rivers

fail to pierce my ears

for I’m tone deaf now.

The sweetness of the grass

and the taste of the dew

can’t ignite any spark in me.

The flowery perfume

and the fragrance of the sweat

can’t rekindle any life

in me for I am dead

and I can’t care no more…..


I’m fighting

fighting for my rights

fighting for myself

against all odds

fighting because I’m weak

and I need strength.

Fighting because I’m obdurate.

He said that he’ll be with me

no matter what,

follow me to the corners

of the universe

and I found solace in his words.

But now it’s time

to fight because

I don’t want to be a slave no more.

But he said he can’t,

too scared,

Left in a quandary

for all I know

he lacked acuity.

But I’ll fight even if I’m alone

I’ll fight.

For I want to be liberated.

I don’t want to wait for a furore.

I’ll fight alone

And I’ll win

and when I win this fight

maybe I’ll rescue him too.