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Under the cherry tree

In the cherry orchard

Under the cherry blossoms

Watching the moon through

The branches and talking in

The fragrance of the flowers

Along with the Stars

With a sparkling eyes which had

All the stars in the world

He whispered in my ears

All of his hearts secrets

I asked him, do you know me

As I know me

I asked him to look inside me

Feel my heart and touch it’s pain

Do you know about the black painted walls

Inside my heart and about

The beats that it skipped,

The stories of the colors inside my eyes

And the places where my soul has been

And about the darkness that lurks within me

He gave me an unprecedented look

And I could see through his eyes

Into his heart and mind

His confession was blurred by his

Realization of me, he only looked at me

Through his eyes but now he sees me

As I am through my eyes

And his words wedded silence

Under the cherry tree.


Β©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


79 thoughts on “Under the cherry tree”

  1. Love this one! Of course, I’m biased toward, β€œWatching the moon through/The branches…” I could do that endlessly. With a lover would be a dream come true. ❀

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