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Sharing my love with pain

When I walked out from the edge

I knew, what I was doing, still. . .

I opted for destruction

I knew I would fall, I knew I would break

But still I chose this, I chose pain

Think of this, what if love and pain switched their names

Then I would be the most loved.

As I fell from the vast sky into the deep space

The only thing that I could think of was

Your ostentatious smile, oh! How much

They deceived me, you swindled me

With the sparks in your eyes,

Now I’m jilted by your pretentious love, my love!

I could only teeter after I first met you

For in that very moment itself

I’ve lost myself to you

But I would do this all over again

Even though I know it would only kill me,

Decimate my cells and destroy my soul

But I would still do it again, because

For me those moments were real, my love was true

My love for you was unfathomable and

Once you truely love someone you never really can’t stop,

That’s why I still love you

But if I could change one thing,

I would change the revelation, for I didn’t

Had to know that your love weren’t real

That your eyes were lying to me all these time

Because before I only had to love you

But now I have to love you with pain!



Β© The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


91 thoughts on “Sharing my love with pain”

  1. I like your poems. Am I correct in observing that I notice the “Samarpan Bhav” Or the “Surrender” to the Love as a permanent theme in your poetry. It makes lot of sense about the sacrifices and gains emotional support, that inspite of the suffering one still loves the loved one. It is a very nice central theme. Correct me if I have read it wrong. Regards. Jay.

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