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The Rain

The stars were veiled

by the clouds

And drops of sky

Fell on me…

Making me cold and wet

but leaving my heart

Warm and my eyes dry

My clothes heavy

and my conscience light.

Soon the sky

Lifted it’s veil

Just then I found the moon

In all it’s glory

Full and bright

Spreading it’s light

From a distance

In the darkness and

Renewing hope in me.


© The Rendezvous Club

Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Unconditionally –2

My dear

My Lord

My living breath

I know you’re pure and

Without darkness

I wish to please you

To reach you

To hold thy hand and kiss thy marks

To fall on thy feet and purge

My heart with tears.

To hug that tormented body

Which suffered for my salvation

I know my darkness

I know my colors

I know the paths in which I’ve tread

But I wish my love outshines them all

I wish not to go back to that path

And live unloved

But I know this, that even if

I go back you wouldn’t leave me

Nor forsake me or stop to love me

For you have loved me unconditionally

And I wish I could return it too.


© The Rendezvous Club

Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Unconditionally -1

My dear

My darling

My child

I don’t mind

The deformity of your heart,

For I see your scars.

I feel your pain,

You’re sorrow and worries

But have faith dear

For I am your shade in the desert and

I will be your light

In the dark forest’s.

I am the rock in which you stand,

You sleep, you drink from.

I am the peace in your heart,

The love in your eyes,

The warmth in your breath.

And I know about

The wickedness in your brain,

The edges of your soul,

The darkness in your eyes

I know them all, but my dear

Fear not for you’re wrapped

in my grace and covered

In my mercy, protected by my love

For I have loved you unconditionally.

I have loved you knowing who you are

And still I love you … Unconditionally.

© The Rendezvous Club

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What did you forget?

I’m very good at forgetting. I forget a lot. I mostly forget people’s names and it always gets me in an awkward situations. And I don’t have much memories of my childhood too. It’s like my sister will tell remember that time when that happened and I’ll be like what? When? I don’t know any such things. Anotherforget is spelling, I always forgets spelling. But the spellings that I mostly forget is to big hard sounding words. It mostly make me look stupid. But yesterday something happened which made me look really stupid 😌.

Yesterday I forgot the spelling of which!

Yes I forgot the spelling of ‘which’. It was really embarrassing and to be frank it got me scared 😥. But now I remember 😊.

So guys did you had any such experiences. Have you ever forgotten anything like this. Anything this simple. If you have then let me know. So comment guys.

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Mythical Monster

Mythical Monster

I was called

Decapitated not

but born without a head.

Your visions are different

and so is mine.

For I see you with my skin.

I’m blessed and I dream.

No head, no head you scream in scorn.

No eyes, no nose,

no mouth, no ear

how can I call you sentient!

Oh hear.

For you can’t see

nor smell nor eat

or taste and listen or hear,

Thus you say.


To those of you

who address themselves sentient

I tell you,

I’m not blind I feel,

I smell with the tip of my fingers.

I speak from my heart

and my soul feeds me.

My spirit hears and it listens

to your jabbering

and complaints of perfection.

You listen to your head

I speak with my heart.

You say you’re perfect,

I admit I’m not.


Terrible beast,

brute who lurks in darkness

and feeds on souls,


Because I am without a head!

Yes I lack a head therefore

if I’m a monster

then so be it,

but the Devil I’m not.

I’m a headless body

but I do have a soul.

You’re all perfect

an embodiment of perfection

but I don’t see a soul in you

for your eyes are all dark.


Mythical creature

I was called

Decapitated not

but born without a head

But I feel I feel,

I have a soul, I dream

And I’m alive……


Dedicated to all the Headless Humans…..

© The Rendezvous Club

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Check it out Guys

Hi guys, today I’m going to introduce you to a new Award 😊. Now I know that most of you are tired of awards but this is a new and a different one. The award is called Elysian Blog Award. It is awarded by Unni’s Blog

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What is Elysian Blog Awards?

Elysian Blog Awards is a unique and prestigious award by Unni’s blog to explore and honour divine talents. It is not just a “thank you” post or marketing post but a genuine program to showcase amazing talents around the world.

How can I participate in EBA? What are the qualifications needed?

The only qualification needed is “talent!!!” If you have great talent in writing or painting, but you are hiding it from the world, then it is actually a disgrace to God. The purpose of a gifted one’s life is to transcend the lives of the people around him through his/her talent. So, stop hiding and start transcending… To participate, follow the steps given below:

Hope you guys participate

Happy Blogging guys 🤗 🤗

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In between words

Like a restless soul

I lurks the corners of the world

in search of peace.

What is peace?

I searched for it

In the darkest of corner

In the deepest of night

In a battle field

at a time when bombs don’t blast

and shows its beauty

at midnight when guns cease to fire

and silence prevails,

I searched for peace in there too,

but in vain.

I searched again

in dead silent cemetery

where people rest in peace

but I didn’t find peace there either.

My quest to find peace

took me to places mysterious

to my soul.

I longed to find it,

to share it and feel it.

I looked everywhere but inside…..

My journey ended in me

finding peace inside myself.

For it was always inside me.

When my soul coalesced

with my word I found peace.

I found peace when my mind

unravelled what was deep inside

and when my hand captured it

with great precision.

I found peace in between words.