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Mythical Monster

Mythical Monster

I was called

Decapitated not

but born without a head.

Your visions are different

and so is mine.

For I see you with my skin.

I’m blessed and I dream.

No head, no head you scream in scorn.

No eyes, no nose,

no mouth, no ear

how can I call you sentient!

Oh hear.

For you can’t see

nor smell nor eat

or taste and listen or hear,

Thus you say.


To those of you

who address themselves sentient

I tell you,

I’m not blind I feel,

I smell with the tip of my fingers.

I speak from my heart

and my soul feeds me.

My spirit hears and it listens

to your jabbering

and complaints of perfection.

You listen to your head

I speak with my heart.

You say you’re perfect,

I admit I’m not.


Terrible beast,

brute who lurks in darkness

and feeds on souls,


Because I am without a head!

Yes I lack a head therefore

if I’m a monster

then so be it,

but the Devil I’m not.

I’m a headless body

but I do have a soul.

You’re all perfect

an embodiment of perfection

but I don’t see a soul in you

for your eyes are all dark.


Mythical creature

I was called

Decapitated not

but born without a head

But I feel I feel,

I have a soul, I dream

And I’m alive……


Dedicated to all the Headless Humans…..

© The Rendezvous Club

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Personal Thoughts, Thought for Change, Thought for the day, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

For Me

My heart beats for him

That’s what I thought

But actually it beats for me

That’s why it still beats.

Even after he broke it,

Like he broke all his promises.

It still beats even after

He ripped it apart,

Like the pages of a book.

It still beats even after

It was shattered

After he betrayed it.

It still beats

Because it beats for me

It beats for me and

Not for him…

Because it love me more

Than I love me . 💓

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Transparent Heart

I have a transparent heart and it’s beautiful. He saw my beauty from a distance. He was Bewitched, by my heart. Ardently loved it from a distance. One day he gathered some courage and ran fast towards my beautiful heart as fast as he could.

But Alas he hit his head hard on my transparent glass heart and fell down. He only realised it very late that I have a transparent heart because it was made out of Glass. A transparent toughened glass which let everyone see what’s inside but which never allowed anyone in.

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Marionette —2

He threatened to leave

it made me love him more…

For there is no puppet

without puppeteer

pain and blood was nothing

Overpowered by love

I love him

I hope he loved me too.

Then he threatened

to leave again.

I stopped him

for he said

the fault was mine

even though

it was me

with a broken arm.

Realisation came late

but it came at last…….



To be continued

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R:- I think its her clothes, she was wearing something short. I really thinks that was the reason.

Manish :- But….. But

R:- No but but. It sure was her fault.

Manish :- I don’t think so.

R:- Hush it was past midnight. What kind of a good woman goes out at midnight huh!

Manish :- huh she works, late night shift.

R:- And I heard that she was with her boyfriend. Women nowadays! Doesn’t even care about their own security.

Manish:- Are you trying to say that all this happened because she was with her boyfriend?

R:- Not like that but I think she shouldn’t have went out…… But then again why did she choose a job with a late night shift. She should’ve taken care of her and understood that she had limitations.

R:- aah she should’ve been with her father or brother and not that boy.

Manish:- Auntyji are you saying that this wouldn’t have happened if she was with them. Like really!

What do you think? That the molesters will run away as soon as they’ll come to know that she’s with her father or brother. Or is it that there knife won’t work on them like it did on her boyfriend.

R:- what you know nothing. You’re still a boy. And I sure do think that it was her fault.

Manish:- So what you’re saying is that the girl wore revealing clothes ( by that you mean not a saree or a salwar) and she went out at midnight with her boyfriend and that was the reason. That’s why she was raped. And it was her fault! And so… Ah . Now I think the world’s going blind. You’re a woman and you still think it’s her fault. Wow!

R:- A woman should take care of herself, she should be dressed respectfully, shouldn’t get of the house after 6pm alone and boyfriend woyfriend I think she should stay away from all that.

Manish:- I can’t believe this so you think if girls follow all these rules they’ll be safe and if she gets raped it’s her fault. I think what’s her fault is that the Though that the world was good!

Manish:- Nobody thinks of pointing their fingers on the perverts those rapists. even if they do they’ll end up saying that she should’ve done something too.

Shame on you guys.

Just then on T.V

Breaking News:-

A one year old baby girl was raped. The girl was sleeping next to her mother. The culprits entered the house and kidnapped the girl while the mother was asleep. The crime happened at 12 noon yesterday. No girls are safe anymore not even the babies.

Manu:- It’s not the dress not the behavior not is it their character or that they have a boyfriend or that it was night or that she was wasn’t with her family or she was alone. These were not the reason.

I N H F —- It’s Not Her Fault

Its not her fault Auntyji it’s not!



In a recent survey by Thomson Reuters Foundation India is ranked world’s most dangerous country for Women. Shame nothing else to say. Very ashamed. I think one of the reasons behind this is that the roads aren’t safe for women and women aren’t even safe in their workplaces. Another thing responsible for this is victim shaming. Mostly in every rape cases the victims are often blamed more than the culprits. Well you decide now who should be shamed.

Because I think

It’s Not Her Fault.


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Making a Fist

I made a fist today

No this isn’t the first time

I’ve made a fist

I’ve done it lots of time.

Like when I was a baby

sleeping with a closed fist

gave me peace.

But this was different

for I opened my fist

just as soon as I closed it.

Because this time

I made a fist and I used it

for the right thing of course.

The fist landed on someone’s face

and Man! There was blood.

Punching is hard!

But I think my fist was happy

to kiss that pervert.

But I guess now

he learned his lesson,

never to tease a girl again

stating that she’s weak.

I wish that I never

have to make a fist again

because my fist maybe happy

to kiss but….

I wasn’t but still I’ll do it

if I have to……. Again ✊ 👊

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At least in my dreams

It’s been forty years now

since he came into My life,

now I’m sitting here

probably in my death bed

reminiscent of him

and he’s not here.


I still remember the day

when he was born.

I had never seen someone so tiny,

Oh! He was beautiful,

I could look into his dove eyes

and forget about all the pain

I endured while I birthed him.


I still remember the day

when he first called me Mamma.

A joy which I’ve never experienced


ran through my veins just then.

But…….. He doesn’t remember me


hence no visits.


He has a life of his own

a life that came out of me

a life which I was a part of

but not anymore and

I have no claim over it.



I wish!

But still unsure…

He may come for my funeral.

Or maybe he won’t

because maybe he won’t have

a clean black suit.

You can’t be in mourning without it.


And maybe because

he doesn’t have any tears to shed

or a heart to love.

But still I wish,

at least in my dreams

I’ll hear his voice once again

……………calling me Mamma.


© The Rendezvous Club