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Moon Love


How many of you started watching the moon after you fell in love?



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Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

How strange

I don’t know why the dark clouds

Covered my eyes and why

It started raining inside my head

Why my eyes flooded

At the thought of you and why

I missed the sun so much.

I woke up from bed without a smile

I forced one out after a while

Still I felt happy, for a while

But at the sound of you it rained on me

The cold drops of pearls made me ice

I wished that they would, freeze my heart

I wished for the Sun to Dawn on me

Dry my soaking wet clothes

And warm my skin

Give me light and evaporate my tears

I wished to feel alive, feel warm

So that I could catch my breath.

Oh! I remember how I longed to cry

At one point in life and how I couldn’t.

Now I wish not to shed tears and

They are washing down my cheeks

Stealing my breath

Salting my lips

Choking me.

How strange is life,

How strange is love,

How strange is strange itself,

And how strange is you and me both.



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Thought for the day, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Through the mirror

I stared at the mirror for so long a time

And an abstract idea of something

Looked back at me, it looked through me

To something that I hid behind my back.

Something unknown yet attached

I looked deeply into it’s eyes,

Without flinching, not even once

For I was afraid of an unseen realm

Inside my body and now I could see it.

The place reeked of insanity and sin

The stenchy stagnant water hindrance by pride.

If the water had flowed, it would’ve

Reached the sea long ago

The salts would’ve purified

The fish would’ve swam from shore to shore

Witnessing the sun rise out the water.

It looked through me, it looked inside me

With staring eyes that looked into each other

The power if realization fixed the conscience

The power to let go, the power to move forward

Was given life by the will to change.

The hindrances of pride and all the

Other hindrances disappeared once and for all

And the water flowed with immense joy

Giving life wherever it went.

The abstract idea on the mirror wasn’t an idea anymore

It was an image that smiled at me

Or was it me who smiled at me

For the water flowed with immense joy.



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Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Forget Me

Forget me at thine own will

Wipe those cherished memories away

From thine own eyes and look

Deep into mine for they have changed

Forget this Mimosa, I’ve always

Shied away giving you hope and

I’ve always hurted you with my thorns.

Forget me now for thine own sake

For I am the cause of your insanity

I only blooms in places unnoticed

Yet you found me in the wilderness

Maybe I was waiting for you.

But now forget me, for I don’t wish

To hurt you no more.

Forget all the Moons we’ve seen together

Forget the one moon we’ve seen a

Million times together.

Forget the words, wishes and wings

We’ve given to ourselves.

Just forget and live now.

Forget me, yet I wish that I’ll be on your heart,

With you unaware of my name

Yet conscious of my presence.

Forget me, yet hold me close

As your pink mimosa.

I’m sorry that autumn took me away from you

I’m sorry for the pain of winter in your heart

And I’m sorry but you have to forget me for now

Until we meet in the heaven of spring in the castle of God again.

Forget me until then My dear

Forget me for I love you.



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Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Listening to the Rain

The dusted floor, and me above it

Staring into Oblivion,

Not trying to find answers

Because asking questions needed strength

The music of crickets playing in the background

The lightning painted temporary paintings

On the dark black walls


The thunder roared out some

Secrets in the dark,

Not to be heard by anyone

But to be feared by everyone,

I did not dread it nor feared.


For the thunderous sounds doesn’t mean anything

It’s the rain that needs to be heard

They have a million words to say

In each drops and they’ll say it,

Even if you ask them questions or not

They’ll say it out loud and in whispers too

They may sing it and I’ll dance with them again

They’ll say it and I’ll hear them this time

In silence, in calmness and with will.



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Thoughts recollected in Tranquility


I’ve been thinking in verses now and

Each and every word of it has you,

Molten and infused in perfect composition.

My hands smells beautifully of Blue ink

And it’s stained with it too

But my thoughts smell more beautiful

With love, with the thoughts

I have of you.

Each time I try to write “I”

I can only write “We”

Because that’s the thought that’s imprinted

In my brain, and they flow

Through the nerves to my hand

In impulses.

And look how fast this paper

Absorbs the ink from the pen

I think that’s how fast my eyes absorbed

Your radiant smile and it’s been

Inside me ever since.

I know this is unfinished and

I’m going to leave it like that

And when you find this unfinished poem

under the tree

Inside a pink box along with orchids,

After you’ve finished reading this

I want you to say “We” out loud

Later I want you to finish my verse

And I want you to gift it to me.

You can find me in the garden

Under the tree of your heart and

I’ll be waiting for you.



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Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Elope with Me

Run away with me my darling

I’ll show you the whole wide world

In just three words threaded together,

By our two hearts

We’ll move through the

passages of time unnoticed

Drink from the elixir of purity

Hand in hand and entwined souls

I’ll take a dip in your eyes

While you swim in mine.

Let’s not walk through the lane

Of dreams but float in thoughts

Let’s think not twice

And act not in haste

Let’s just disappear into thin air

And elope from this busy world

With our hearts painted pink

And our souls fragrant with love.



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