Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility


After a very long time of living

In the colors of unrest and peace

I finally heard my heart beat

Inside the deep sea of life

I tried to point my finger at the light

But my hands were hard and shaky

As I looked, at the magic

Of the shadows in the wall

As the moving wind teased

With the sun’s light

Making them dance on the floor

And on my face as well

I felt the breath in my nose,

the warmth in my hands

And realized they were real

For the very first time.

For the very first time

I felt the presence of me in me

After these long hard life

Years living in this planet

Now do I realize that I am alive.


©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

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Hey guys,

Today I wanted to ask you something different. What according to you is friendship? How do you define it?

I don’t socialize much. If I see a crowd or something first thing I do is avoid it. I used to hate first day at school and college etc. This was a problem because as a result of this behavior I didn’t make much friends. It takes about 3 months for me to actually accept a person to be my friend and in some cases it could take more time. Now I’m actually coming out of my shell and trying to be more social and accepting and stuff. Still I think I’m not getting any better. I have about 1 or 2 friends now.

So after a long time I made a new friend a couple of months ago. I dedicated a lot of my time for this person because I thought if I want a friend I should also try. So things were going fine I had a friend and I was a friend to someone and things were different, I must agree it felt good. But then one day I received a message from my friend and it read I have my exam in about 3 months so I won’t be able to talk to you till it’s over, So bye meet you after four months. I was like what!!!!! Friendship! now this is more different than what I thought.


So guys that was one of my weird experience at friendship. Do you have any such weird experience. And don’t forget to answer the above questions. I’m eagerly waiting for your answers.

Personal Thoughts, Thought for Change, Thought for the day, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Oppressed Voices

The music of your breath

Feels boisterous to my ears now

For they are tormenting me

Day by day, echoing

Incessantly in my ears . . . .

The rhyme that once

Feasted my eyes is now

Making them water in ice and blue

The startling paradoxes

Stare at me with a smirk in it’s face

The striking similes

Questions my sanity

Lost I am in the morals of your parables

They rain heavy in my conscience

Feeding my inner conflict

Suppressing my ideals and faith

Replacing my palaces of hope

With your own answers and robbing

Me of my mistakes, findings, learnings and reasoning

The music of your breath

Feels boisterous to my ears now

For they sing my verse

Which was not written by me!



©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Personal Thoughts, Thought for Change, Thought for the day, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Silence in our hearts

The silence is piercing into my ears

Breaking this silence I’ve tried

The agony of the incomplete expressions

The weight of the unspoken verse

Pulling my heart down

The love that we shared

Still remains but

What reigns now is misinterpreted thoughts

You’re there within my hands distance

Yet you’re not there

For I’ve lost you to silence

I wish that my soul could converse

What’s in my heart

My soul talks and your heart listens

I wish that the music of unity fills this silence

And we could dance forevermore in pair.


©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Personal Thoughts, Thoughts recollected in Tranquility

Magical Place

I wish we could go to that place

Where the sun rays are that sparkle

In my eyes whenever I see you

And butterflies are memories

That escaped my mind

Where flowers are my body

And bees my soul.

Where the ponds are my heart

And you create ripples in it

Every time you throw a word into it.

Where we could surf above the tides of emotions

With our hearts tied together

And with floating thoughts

Hide our sins with the water of repentance

And be one in our dreams

I wish we could go to that place

That place, which exists in our dream

That magical place of the heart.


©The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!


The Awesome Impact Award

Hi guys, I was nominated for The Awesome Impact Award by none other than the Award creater itself Rad Gamer. Thank you Rad Gamer for nominating me for this award.

The Rules —

  1. Tag the person who nominated you.
  2. Take “The Awesome Impact Award” Picture and add that in your post.
  3. Talk about an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.
  4. Nominate 10 other awesome bloggers for this award.

The Incident

So guys this is my 200th post on my blog wohooo. So hence I wanted to post something special as my 200th post. What more special could I post other than what impacted my life the most blogging of course.

Blogging is something that impacted my life so very much . I first sort of started my blog as a hobby and didn’t actually knew how to use this thing 😅. I had no followers for the first month mainly because I didn’t knew that it was possible 😌. Then I started writing poems and things started flowing. My first follower was Sai. Then I got more followers and I got to read a lot of amazing amazing posts. I’m an introvert, I don’t talk to a lot of people and I can’t break the ice either. That’s the Main reason why I don’t have much friends but blogging actually helped me with it. I now talk to a lot of people, try and break the ice whenever I can. I’ve made a lot of amazing friends on WordPress too. So actually WordPress helped me in a lot of ways. And it made an awesome impact on my life. In these six months my personality, my life everything changed so very much. And I’m thankful to all of you guys for this😘.

My Nominees