Personal Thoughts


Thank you for bearing with me today

I’ll come and disturb you more tomorrow

And for the night I’ll bid adeiu from you

In order to meet you again

In the virtual world of zeros and one.



© 20/10/18 The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!

Personal Thoughts, Thought for Change

Be the Miracle

Hi guys,

Do you guys believe in miracles? If you don’t then you should, because we ourselves are miracles. You haven’t thought about it like that have you. Then start thinking about it like that. We are Miracles. Still don’t believe me, now think about this, have you ever helped someone in need, have you ever helped someone cross a street or shared a meal with someone who couldn’t afford it, helped someone who was in a crisis, said it’s okay to someone who was going through something bad and helped them get out of it, helped someone cheer up in bad times, gave someone hope of a good future in desperate times, gave someone your shoulders to cry on, listened to someone who needed someone to listen to them . . . . . .

If you did any of the above and there more too, if you helped somebody and anybody then you are a miracle, you were the miracle they we’re waiting to happen in their lives. And Just like that there was a lot of people who were a miracle in our lives too. Who helped us in desperate times and made our lives better and beautiful. So yeah we all are miracles, we just have to believe that we are one.

We are all God’s creations and God creates nothing less than a miracle,and we are God’s favorite creation, so then how can we not be a miracle. So yes you are a miracle, I am a miracle and we all are miracles. So let’s just believe in that and be a miracle today, do something miraculous today and change somebody’s life.

God loves you, he loves every one of his miracles, so be the Miracle and see the Miracle. God bless you 🤗


Between Moon and Me

The sky candle was put out,

The sky dressed in all shades of black,

And shades of grey here and there,

The Moon glows bright in the starless sky

I whispered in your ears that

I hate the depressions in the moon

Because they make the moon look dark at times.

Each of those depressions have one lost soul

Whining the loss of their long lost love

With a broken heart.

Then a gentle breeze carried us back to love

As I lay by your side, you holding my hands,

Gazing at the moon, forgetting the world

Just the moon and us,

You said you saw the stars in my eyes

But for me you are my Moon

And I wish to take away the depressions in your heart

When your soul meets mine.



© The Rendezvous Club

All Rights Reserved!