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What’s the most stupidest thing you’ve ever done?

Hi guys 🙋,

We have all done so many stupid things haven’t we but what is the most stupidest thing that you’ve ever done? Among all the stupidities that I’ve committed in the past 20 years the one that stood out to me was the one that I’ve committed about 8,9 years ago. It was really stupid and a bit painful too. So the story goes something like this . .

We had a group of girls who would go out in the evening to ride our bicycles and have some fun. On the very day of my stupidity my sister was riding her bicycle and I was sitting behind her. Suddenly as the bike was going fast and idea popped into my head and the idea was

I wanted to get off a moving bicycle 😌

I know I know it was stupid that’s why it’s titled stupid 😂. And guess what I executed my stupid idea, I think I was too much into physics that day that I tested Gravity and Inertia at same time from a bike 🙇. But guess what I forgot the main thing in Physics Laws of motion 😥. Well the rest is history, I fell down hurt myself badly 🤕 and it was very painful. But the most embarrassing thing was explaining to everyone what and why I did it 😳.

So guys this was the most embarrassing and the most stupid thing I have ever did in my life. Now tell me what’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? So what are you waiting for comment 😂. I’m waiting for your comments 😉.

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Accompanying Happiness

Happiness is something special isn’t it, almost all of our life’s aim is to be happy. We all try and be happy all the time but it doesn’t necessarily works the way we want it to. Still we try. Trying sometimes makes us angry because we try and we try and we fail and that makes us more frustrated because we’re not getting happiness, the main and the important thing in our life. Happiness!

Happiness is not getting satisfaction from material things, but actually happiness is being contented in what you have. I find happiness when I understand myself. It took a lot of time to finally get there where I could actually understand myself but once you know who you are it’s hard not to be happy. Because the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in life is finding you and you’ve achieved that. To understand yourself all you need to do is feel yourself and look inside yourself.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have my share of bad days, angry days, lazy days etc but if I feel sad I just stay sad, if I feels like crying I cry, if I get Angry I express that too. It’s when we bottle up all our emotions we lose ourselves, it’s when we don’t express we get depressed and therefore we can’t be happy. So just remember the easiest way to achieve happiness is by introspecting your feelings, expressing your emotions and knowing in your heart that you are the hero of your story.

Life is a journey and happiness will always be your companion if you treat him right.

So God bless you all and I’m wishing all the happiness in the world. Stay blessed 😘😘

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What is love?

Love is something that we really can’t define and it means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. My definition of Love is when you feels like you really can’t replace a person. Like we can’t even think about someone else taking their place. I’ve always felt that, if we can stop loving a person and we easily replace a person at some point in life then it wasn’t love. Once we start loving someone then we really can’t stop. Love is special and it’s unique and irreplaceable. It’s sort of like I love my mother and my father my whole family so so much and I can never really even think about replacing them or even at least replacing a character of them. I love them, just everything about them. So that’s why I think that I will know that I’m in love when I feels like this with someone. I find someone and I can’t replace them, like ever even if that person is away or never really mine or it feels like stupid or whatever. I’m really very clear on what love is for me and that’s why I feels like I’m not in love, and that’s why I am positive that I’ll know when I’m in love and I wouldn’t be confused.

This is what love is for me. Now tell me what is love for you? Tell me in the comment section.

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Be the Miracle

Hi guys,

Do you guys believe in miracles? If you don’t then you should, because we ourselves are miracles. You haven’t thought about it like that have you. Then start thinking about it like that. We are Miracles. Still don’t believe me, now think about this, have you ever helped someone in need, have you ever helped someone cross a street or shared a meal with someone who couldn’t afford it, helped someone who was in a crisis, said it’s okay to someone who was going through something bad and helped them get out of it, helped someone cheer up in bad times, gave someone hope of a good future in desperate times, gave someone your shoulders to cry on, listened to someone who needed someone to listen to them . . . . . .

If you did any of the above and there more too, if you helped somebody and anybody then you are a miracle, you were the miracle they we’re waiting to happen in their lives. And Just like that there was a lot of people who were a miracle in our lives too. Who helped us in desperate times and made our lives better and beautiful. So yeah we all are miracles, we just have to believe that we are one.

We are all God’s creations and God creates nothing less than a miracle,and we are God’s favorite creation, so then how can we not be a miracle. So yes you are a miracle, I am a miracle and we all are miracles. So let’s just believe in that and be a miracle today, do something miraculous today and change somebody’s life.

God loves you, he loves every one of his miracles, so be the Miracle and see the Miracle. God bless you 🤗